Siggaboda Mobil

Make sure you enjoy the local activities!

Ice hockey is a "national sport" of the region!
Do not miss a match with the ice hockey team TAIF from Tingsryd, the Tingsryd Tigers!

Interested in flea markets, yard sales, farm auctions, or fairs? The neighborhood offers a wide range of options.

Special activities are arranged every summer. This picture in particular depicts the possibility of witnessing the municipality from above...

The Tingsryd fair is a living tradition where Tingsryd is invaded by merchants and visitors..

Tingsryd municipality is also a municipality of music! Experience music in the streets and squares. Local stages, performances and concerts offer you to the chance to immerse yourself in this culture!

Ryd is the closest town to Siggaboda Dam. It is a beautiful town with a legacy of traditional mineral springs dating from the 1800s. Several old properties are preserved, and a range of local activities are arranged all year round. Various conveniences such as a bank, grocery store, etc. are located here. The shark depicted on the image is a classic landmark that you can't miss

If you are lucky you might have the chance to experience rally racing up close! For several years straight the races have taken place close to Siggaboda Damm.

Some years local associations arrange activities such as producing charcoal using the old technique of making charcoal piles, producing tar, etc. A fantastic opportunity to experience old craftsmanship

Several car exhibitions in various categories are appreciated excursions for the day. Here is "Nostalgia" in Ronneby.