Siggaboda Mobil

Experience true Swedish lake fishing - we also call it family fishing

When visiting Siggaboda Dam you are situated in the deep forests of Småland together with its innumerable lakes. Certainly, you should have a go at fishing! The scattered lakes often provide opportunities to be alone the whole day with nature. We will gladly guide you to sites where you can set up camp for the day, accessible by car, bicycle or by foot! When you return with the catch of the day, you can comfortably clean your fish and prepare dinner or supper.

You can buy fishing licenses for the lakes directly from us!

We guide you to comfortable places where you more than often can rent a boat. Some of them offer campfires for grilling and sometimes windbreaks.

Here are some of the fish you can expect to catch in our lakes!

Who knows what you might experience during your fishing trips in these remote areas

Looking to catch the bigger fish? Read more at the page Sea fishing with the boat IZA

You can choose from more than forty small lakes to enjoy your fishing in. In our own pond on the farm, you have free access to boat and motor.
Fishing gear is on site!